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You've probably heard about "branding" or "building your brand" referenced by an advertising agency. You may have steps in place for marketing your brand online, on social media platforms, and the overall look and feel of your physical offices. There are several agencies in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan that can assist with creative branding techniques, but Create by Faith is the company to choose if you want an advertising agency that will provide creative storytelling for your brand. You may see celebrities in the news creating individual brands. Many savvy business professionals may be a little lost when it comes to creating a brand identity. What makes a strong brand identity, and why is it important for you, the small business owner, to cultivate and represent your brand? Let's examine the importance of a small business branding themselves uniquely.

What makes a good brand?

Good branding is memorable – think of the Golden Arches, a white apple with a bite out of it, or a polar bear holding a glass cola bottle. Can you name the brands? If so, that's due to the hard work of an advertising agency in marketing memorable logos and associations for McDonald's, Apple, and Coca-Cola. Creative branding sets your small business apart from others in the Saskatoon area.

Good branding promotes trust: it should make people feel at ease and be confident that your brand is the right choice. Know your audience and understand what would make them feel most comfortable in trusting you.

Finally, good branding is flexible – it can change with the times, yet still, retain the identifiable character.

What is your Brand Essence?

Brand essence is the style or unique voice of your brand respective to the product or service you are selling. For example, is it masculine or feminine? Natural or man-made? Trendy or traditional?

As a small business owner, you may find that a lot of your own personality is imbued with the character of your business. Building your brand around your own personal style and perspective gives an authenticity to your small business and the way that it is branded and represented across all your marketing strategies. A good advertising agency will be able to help you incorporate your own style and values into your brand presentation.

Even the way you communicate as a representative of your small business brand should be consistent. Using the same colors, fonts, and language across emails, physical signs, and other verbiage will help cement the brand in the mind of your Saskatchewan customers. Ensure that your social media pages all showcase the same logo as the profile picture so that your brand is easily recognizable and you are presenting a unified look.

Allow your fans to interact with your brand

Having a discernable presence on social media is important. Engage your friends, fans, and followers with vibrant social media postings that align with your brand's personality and values. Branding online is more important than ever, as individuals associate themselves with brands as part of their own online persona. Relax and have a little fun with your marketing on social media, which is one of the best ways to personalize your brand. But, always be sure that your posts and topics are centered on your clients.

Branding your small business doesn't have to be difficult. With the creative advertising agency Create by Faith located here in Saskatoon, you can ensure that your small business stands out from the rest with personality and excitement.

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